Advocating and promoting quality healthcare and equal rights in Malawi and the world.

    Health and Rights Education Programme (HREP) welcomes you to visit this exciting website for information, sharing experiences
    and promoting quality healthcare and human rights for all groups with special consideration to the disadvantaged groups i.e.
    Children and Women.

HREP immunisation advocacy event / community discussion

                                 UNICEF goodwill ambassador Yvonne Chaka chaka at HREP advocacy event in Malawi
                                 First lady of Malawi madam Callista Mutharika leading by example in immunisation at the event
                                 HREP community discussion in Blantyre -Malawi
                                 Malawian nursers patronised HREP immunisation event in lilongwe

    We work to promote good health and equal rights for all through civic education, lobbying, advocacy, research and documentation. We
    consolidate the health and human rights initiatives in order to empower citizens to participate actively and effectively in the Socio-
    economic and cultural affairs of our country and the world in building a health society.

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